I am Canadiam

Identity and Access Management in Canada is different.

American identity issues are complicated by their obsession with national security.  British data and privacy laws are decidedly different than ours.  Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementations vary greatly from country to country.

We need a ‘conversation’ about IAM in Canada.  Canadiam is that conversation.

This blog has been established to discuss a range of issues, cross-link to resources, promote solutions and share IAM project information.

Some ideas for what could could appear on these pages:

  • An ‘IAM Alert’ page where we provide a profile of new Canadian IAM implementations, and updates on existing ones.
  • A section with a collection of identity assurance stories, perhaps something like ‘How I got my drivers license in Whitehorse’ .
  • Any and all news as it relates to emerging technologies such as OpenID, Info Cards, new strong authentication solutions, new products and services, etc. — especially as they relate to life in Canada.

Really, anything in the IAM field goes — the only catch is that there needs to be a Canadian spin to the info.

How can this happen? With your help and support.

We are recruiting Canadian (and ex-pat) IAM professionals as blog writers and other contributors to Canadiam.  Anyone want to run a Facebook group? Do a logo? Customize a WordPress theme? Take over the new LinkedIn Group? Have an idea for a Flickr collection perhaps a photo-stream of amusing identity signage? Want to create a mash-up using video of Paul Henderson’s winning goal, our national anthem and Dick Hardt Identity 2.0 sound bites?

If so, please add a comment with your interest and contact info (I’ll moderate the posts so this info won’t be displayed).

So why bother with all this? Well, it is simply because we ARE different.  Compared to the US, we have a very different systems of government, finance and health, different attitudes about privacy and different ‘sensitivities’ — yet almost all of our information on identity management originates from the US.  Understanding and discussing Canadian issues on a blog like this will help us to better understand how identity management can best be delivered in Canada.

With all that out of the way, I give you Joe Canadiam, uh, Canadian…

Mike Waddingham
October, 2009